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The History of Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©)

"Even if your ambitions are huge, start slow, start small, build gradually. Build smart." - Gary Vaynerchuk

Eight years ago, two lifelong friends decided they wanted to make a change to the current soccer scene. We were not 100% sure what that meant, but we had grown frustrated by the status quo. A status quo that clubs, teams, programs, schools, leagues, parents, etc. had all realized felt wrong yet still had to accept. But looking back, we had no idea the ride where we were about to take.

Both of QTSD©'s co-founders had played soccer since they were age three. Although we each took different pathways (club, high school, college, etc.) our friendship started through a simple soccer ball. After coaching for a couple years together at a local soccer organization (with a great mentor that helped us start our journey into coaching), we were exposed to the side of soccer we used to be naive about - politics in soccer. Growing up, we didn't recognize it, but as coaches we started to see the negative side of youth sports that puts extreme pressure on athletes.

In 2013, we decided that we were frustrated with the lack of a standards in the youth soccer community. Tired of hearing of club politics, tired of hearing about abusive coaches, and tired of players across the country quitting the sport we loved. Why? Why are players quitting soccer? Is it the coach? Is it the pressure from parents? Is a player's inability to handle failure to grow? These were all questions we kept asking ourselves while watching players we cared about struggle through their club & HS seasons.

So we decided it was time to stop complaining and actually take action. That meant pushing aside any doubts (whether from us or others) and starting Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©). The first year was quite a challenge; with only a few dedicated families training consistently with us. But no matter what, our goal was to put the player's needs first. That approach became our first requirement of coaches that mentor with us; part of our "DNA of a QTSD© Coach":

ROLE MODEL: Ethically and morally, we set the standards for the athletes we work with. Sometimes that means having to make personal sacrifices for the sake of their improvement.

Fast forward and this summer was our eighth anniversary as a small business. Who would have thought we would have have experienced the following already?:

  • Coaching over 1,000+ athletes, teams, and clubs like yours each year

  • Have players from multiple countries & states train with us (France, Spain, Qatar, Washington DC, etc.)

  • Have nine former QTSD© Athletes become QTSD© Coaches (and thrive)

  • Create multiple FREE programs to help the community (Friday FREE Play & The QTSD© Future Coach Mentorship)

  • Have the incredible opportunity to coach overseas with some of the brightest minds in LaLiga (w/ Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico, and more)

  • Having our flagship program (The QTSD© Academy) survive it's first year and grow quickly during the global pandemic

Did we do this on our own? Not at all. We are incredibly thankful because we believe that if you have a goal that will bring hope to others, there will always be a way. We've had countless families and organizations that have supported us over the past eight years and we cannot thank them enough. Families who have donated training space, who tell their friends about QTSD©, and who have helped mentor our business along the way. We've gone from setting up training in random parks to establishing professional relationships with local schools and businesses so our athletes can train at consistent locations.

And the crazy thing is? Even after eight years, it still feels like "Year One". We're excited, we love soccer, and we want to see positive change for players like yours. We're just getting started and the future is bright for soccer in Columbus, Ohio! -- Joe Pennell Owner/ Director of Player Development Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©) LaLiga Expert Certified • US Soccer Licensed M: (614) 316-3464 W: E:



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