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The QTSD "Future Coach Mentorship™" 

A Foreword



"Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD) has always been committed to creating a positive environment for athletes to learn

and grow, both as soccer players and human beings. We feel that there is no better way to do that than to open up the learning

space that has allowed us to do just that. 

Coaching allows for a unique new perspective on soccer. Not only will it further a player's understanding of the game, but it also helps develop critical life skills, including responsibility, time management, commitment, and communication skills. 


We strongly believe in coaching life through soccer and speaking from personal experience that is absolutely correct. I have learned a lot about life on the soccer field (although some lessons were easier than others). Still, I was able to learn and grow in an environment that I loved, surrounded by great role models who were there to help me as I transitioned into an adult. The QTSD "Future Coach Mentorship™" program is modeled to give other athletes the same invaluable experience I had, and I am genuinely excited to

see how it evolves!

- QTSD Coach Sydney Bennett


What is the QTSD "Future Coach Mentorship"?

The Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD) Future Coach Mentorship™ is an exclusive opportunity for High School Athletes to learn more about coaching.  Simply put, athletes that are accepted to the Mentorship will have the chance to learn more about coaching soccer, how coaching actually helps you play better soccer, and gain valuable volunteer hours for NHS/college application.




We will be accepting four high school age student athletes into the program.  The program is structured to give ample opportunity each week without being a burden to HS & club soccer schedules. 


  • 8 week length (Spring & Summer 2024)

  • 1-2 hours per week

  • Gahanna, Ohio area

  • No cost to participate - FREE

  • Volunteer hour basis




Interested student athletes are required to:


  • Submit a short essay on why they feel they would be a fit for the QTSD™ "Future Coach Mentorship™"

  • Commit to 1-2 hours each week of working with QTSD™ Coaches and athletes

  • Be professional; both in manner and appearance at training sessions

  • Be willing to be a positive role models for younger athletes

  • Work with the QTSD™ Coaching Team to learn more about proper soccer coaching and curriculum standards

Once our Coaching Team has narrowed down the four athletes to be accepted, we will make our announcements.  Once accepted, mentee coaches will receive a QTSD™ Coaching Training Top for training.


Interested student/athletes can fill out the short application form. We will contact you with more details.


To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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