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"High School Alternative" Training Program
(Westerville, Ohio)

Is your daughter looking for alternative options to high school soccer?



Then the QTSD© "High School Alternative" Training Program is for you!  This higher-level weekly training program was created to give high school age players a professional level training alternative during the fall if school soccer is not their choice.


The program is designed for players in the following scenarios:

Opts out of high school 

  • Opts out of high school soccer (but want to stay ready for club)

  • Not enough players to form a team

  • May not have been offered a spot (due to large incoming classes)

The training environment will be deigned to be similar to a team training format; offered multiple times per week with team oriented training curriculum.


**IMPORTANT - This is NOT a league nor a push to pull players away from school soccer.  It is an alternative to players who already are not planning on playing high school soccer and want to stay ready for their upcoming club seasons.**


The QTSD "HS Alternative" Fall Program

Summer 2022


We'd love YOUR input!

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