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Our Vision: The Story Behind QTSD 

Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©) was developed in 2013 by two lifelong students of the game.  Frustrated with the current landscape of youth soccer in America, we decided to challenge the status quo; making a positive change one player and team at a time.  Whether coaching through the higher-level QTSD™ Academy or working with players on a 1-on-1 basis, we work tirelessly to help instill confidence in each of our athletes and teams.  


One of the most troubling problems players and coaches face is the "gap" between training and game execution.  Many players "learn" through typical soccer drills, but revert to bad habits as soon as they return to the soccer field.  Where is the missing link from training to gameplay?  How can players build confidence when they aren't taught how to truly understand the game?  Additionally, how can athletes expect to have enough individual focus when coaches must focus on team organization during the practice?


This is where Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©) steps in! After years of research into the some of the best players in the world and working with top clubs/organizations in Spain (LaLiga, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and more), we created the our patented "Quick Touch" training methodology. This soccer-specific approach to training not only helps players develop individually skill, but also teaches HOWWHEN, and WHY to apply technique and tactics in small/ large sided environments; building confidence every season.

Our coaching team focuses on the technical ability and tactical understanding of the game; helping develop creative and intelligent soccer players and teams. We reinforce a playing style based heavily on having possession and building goal scoring opportunities. Additionally, we have found common ground in working together with clubs, high schools, and coaches to enhance further and develop all aspects of the individual.


"Our goal at QTSD© is two-fold: To help players, teams, and coaches improve through a thoroughly researched and proven soccer development model AND to help empower young athletes and coaches to become leaders; both on and off the soccer field."


We work every day to create an environment that is enjoyable, challenging, and different. We take pride in our image, our product, and always work in complete honesty. We first focus on the person and aim to build the behaviors of good people through soccer. When you have good people, they are better prepared, focused, and the process of developing a soccer player is much more efficient.


As players ourselves, we look upon our program as if we were part of the training. If the sessions don't inspire us, we can't expect the players either. Therefore, our programs, equipment, and coaching attitudes, in general, are always the best they can be.


The only way it all falls into place is if there is a common value of respect, trust, and commitment ... trust in what we are teaching and trust in the player working hard at achieving results. We appreciate committed players and those who believe in our passion and allow us to have our effect on each individual.


At QTSD©, we love soccer; the beauty and intricacy of such a detailed, yet simple game. That is why we work so hard to instill proper technical skills AND understanding in every single player that enrolls in our program.  Our absolute goals is to further YOUR athlete's passion for the game we all love and we look forward to seeing you on the soccer field!

Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©)

Joe Pennell


Professionally educated &


20+ Years

of Combined Coaching






1,000+ Players,

Teams, Clubs, & High Schools



30+ Players in College, Semi-Pro, & Professional


"We're not just soccer coaches;
we teach life through soccer."©


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