What Our Athletes Are Saying

We at QTSD© believe that success does not only equal development on the soccer field, but more importantly development as leaders and teammates off the soccer field.  Don't just believe us though..... check out what our QTSD© athletes are saying!

My coaches at QTSD© have helped me to develop the confidence and skill needed to become a professional and collegiate athlete.  Every time I step on the field, I'm thankful for my QTSD© Coaches giving me courage and improving the way I see the game of soccer!

Of the myriad of soccer training programs out there, QTSD© sets itself apart from the rest. First and foremost,  not only are they great coaches, but great people with an unparalleled passion for what they do. They bring an infectious joy and excitement to every training session and genuinely care about their players.


They are consummate students of the game and have developed a very detailed curriculum that progresses from basic fundamentals, like balance and body position, through very technically advanced dribbling, passing, and finishing skills.  They also help the players understand not only HOW to do the skills, but WHY and WHEN to use them, so that they become independently thinking, creative and confident players.


Our daughter has been training with Joe for just over 6 years.  The skills and confidence our daughter has gained through QTSD© have translated not only to the soccer field, but to her everyday life and school environments, as well. We are incredibly thankful and blessed thatour daughter is part of the QTSD© program.

Jeff and Angie Bennett

Daughter plays for Columbus School For Girls Varsity

Veronica Zaciek

IFK Nykoping (Sweden - Pro)

My daughter trained with QTSD© to get her ready for D2 college soccer and to work on a few targeted areas. At the very first training session, my daughter and I knew that QTSD© was the answer!  


The training sessions were powerful in that Coach Joe taught my daughter the essentials necessary for college soccer from speed of play to finishing, provided valuable feedback and instructional excellence on improving her personal style and skill sets.


It definitely shows that the passion for soccer at QTSD© is inspirational and really gives each player confidence to strive for excellence!

Natalie Nixon-Revis

Daughter plays for Tiffin University Women's Soccer

Both of our daughters, ages 13 and 18 train with QTSD©. We have found that it has not only stepped up their game on the field, but it has also given them a confidence to try new moves/ideas on the field. We believe in supporting the travel club that they play for, but this is definitely an add-on that is worth every penny!


As each season progresses, our daughters' training with QTSD© has been what has set them apart from other players on the field!

Todd and Jill Penegor

Daughters play for Ohio Premier ECNL and Rochester University (D3)

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