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Bridging the "Gap" - The QTSD© Academy

**Spring/Summer/Fall in Westerville & Winter indoor sessions in Gahanna**

So you may have heard about our new flagship program, the QTSD© Academy. We've had many people ask about the weekly training program and we're excited to tell you more!


To start off, we need to clarify the different definitions of an academy and what our view is. The term "academy" is widely used throughout the soccer world. Some common uses include:

  • "Youth Academy" - Weekly practice for 4-8 year olds

  • "Development Academy" - Higher-level club training for youth soccer

  • "Academy Team" - High-level long-term program to prepare for the professional first team

While definitions may vary, usually an academy is a longer term higher-level training environment. It focuses on developing players more than the traditional weekly team practice can.


Our approach to the Academy concept is a bit different; inspired by our coaching experience in Spain. The QTSD© Academy is a higher level program that teaches more advanced soccer concepts throughout the year. But we do NOT intend to replace club or high school soccer. Our weekly training program aims to bridge the "gap" between private training a club/high school team play. We accomplish this through weekly small group training sessions with our educated and experienced QTSD© Coaching Team.


The "gap" we aim to bridge is the development space between private training and team play. While private training is a great option for many athletes, it does not cover everything a player needs. There are concepts that must be taught in small group to help translate to the full size game. The "gap" is evident when players do well in private training BUT struggle in games due to:

  • Fear of failure - Players are afraid to try their new skills due to fear of failure (in front of teammates, coaches, and family, etc.)

  • 1-on-1 vs. small group environment - Some training concepts can only be taught in small group settings (due to the need for multiple athletes). This is a common issue for players who only train 1-on-1.

  • Lack of support - Some players need their coaches and teammates to give them the "green light" to try something new or creative even if not at first successful.

  • Coach Philosophy Differences - Some struggle with a coach that is not aware of the concepts a player is trying to learn. This is common as coaches must manage many individuals at once.


Simple. We create a learning environment where players are encouraged to be creative. A small group training environment free of fear of failure, loss of playing time, or social disruptions from teammates. Our QTSD© Academy culture is professional yet meets each player's needs to help further their love for soccer!

Players are able to learn new concepts and immediately apply them in real time situations each week.


Private training is the way most players look to improve outside of their team practice. It is a great format for players to receive customized training exactly to their needs. The problem is private training has limitations; both educationally and financially speaking.

Education wise, private training can cover many aspects a player needs to improve. But private training concepts are limited by the amount of athletes. The are many educational aspects that require multiple athletes to learn. Concepts can include combination play, passing patterns, possession, and much more. While not possible to cover in private training, small group format can help player transition to full games much easier.

Financially speaking, the cost of private training is significant. If a players wants to consistently train 1-2 times per week, the cost can add up quickly. We wanted to create a program that allows serious players consistent access to train without adding financial burden.


The QTSD© Academy offers training opportunities weekly throughout the entire year. Each curriculum term is over 12 weeks, BUT adjustable enough for players to enroll anytime. Each Academy age group can train 1-2 times per week and are in groups no larger than 10 athletes per session.

The QTSD© Academy (and all QTSD© Training) is 100% club neutral. While some organizations claim "club neutral", our QTSD© Coaches are strictly forbidden to recommend any club, team, or recruit players. This allows players to train in an environment FREE of club soccer politics.

Want to learn more about the exciting direction QTSD© is heading? Click the link below to learn more how the QTSD© Academy can help YOUR player!

QTSD© Academy Information - HERE!

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