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Don’t Lose Sight of What You’re Good At - A Letter from the Owner

Dear players and parents,

As we get older, we’ll sometimes look back on life to reflect on how we got to where we are today. We’ll remember fond memories, recognize regrets, see periods of personal growth/ learning and much more. Reflection is incredibly important because, without it, we run the risk of forgetting our strengths, remembering our accomplishments, and even losing our identity!

Since day one, our focus at Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©) has always been to make a difference in people’s lives through the beautiful game of soccer. Helping athletes win games/ trophies and college scholarships are great BUT affecting athlete’s lives by building self-confidence, inspiring creativity, and providing character structure has ALWAYS been our underlying goal. If just one player’s life was changed for the better, then all the hard work of training planning, hours on end in the sun, and exhausting coaching courses would be 100% worth it.

“We provide professional-level soccer training and empowerment to make a difference in athletes' lives; both on and off the soccer field.”

Why am I mentioning all this? Sometimes during the journey of development, we can lose sight of what our identity is. In a world of constant distraction and comparison to others, it can be easy to forget who we are.

Over the past year, I will be the first to admit that even QTSD© has been guilty of this at times. If Coach A does this, then why aren’t we doing the same? If Company B offers this type of training, then we need to as well, right? But all that leads to is trying to be someone else, not ourselves. Worst of all, you end up becoming distracted, sacrificing quality, and ultimately, losing focus on your “WHY” you started in the first place.

Lesson learned? Never lose sight at what you are good at. Yes, you can always improve on different aspects, but STOP focusing on the small imperfections and expectations of others (and sometimes yourself). Instead, recognize YOUR strengths and make them even better.

Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©), is a soccer technical/tactical training company focused on helping individuals and teams improve. That is why we started and that is why we exist; to make a difference in others' lives. We started as a private training company and we will continue to keep that as our core structure. QTSD© will continue to offer some small group training, classes, and camps, but we want to get back to what we are known for; individual training and focusing on working with YOUR athlete to help them become quicker, more creative, and, most importantly, more confident.

Moving forward, I would like to have this letter serve as our renewed dedication to YOU (our soccer athletes and families). Not only a commitment to better training, but also a stronger commitment to better communication, more educational content, more coaches, and above all … a commitment to helping YOUR athlete through the sport we all love.

As with our development expectations for our athletes, there will be learning curves for QTSD©. But that is part of growing AND improving. We are excited to renew our passion for this game and see what it can do for the soccer community around us. Thank you for your support over the years and we’ll see you on the soccer field!


Coach Joe

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