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Fight the Summer Slump!

Let's face it - Summer is a great time of year. A couple months of the year for relaxation and finding time by the pool & with friends. But it is also a very important time for serious soccer players. If your athlete truly want to be a great soccer player, the summer months need to be a whole lot more!

It is easy for athletes to see Summer as a break from school, practice, & conditioning while hanging out with friends. But that can be a major mistake!

Taking time off can help mentally BUT athletes also run the risk of getting out of shape, losing technical skill sets and lack of mental sharpness.

"Within a 7-day period, you can have a de-training effect on strength and power output.

After about two weeks, you'll find nearly 20% losses in your anerobic function.

But the summer period offers a really good time to manage your body."

Taking off the summer catches up to many athletes when their season finally approaches and they are behind; technically, physically, and mentally. But serious athletes will balance development and recovery; ensuring their body has a strong physical and technical foundation when heading into pre-season.

Serious players must take advantage of their free time from school (and possibly club soccer) to keep their fitness levels up, get in training sessions for their first touch/ passing & receiving/ finishing/ etc. AND more importantly cross train (to create full body development for all muscle groups.) A couple great examples of cross training can include swimming, biking, rock climbing, hiking, tennis and many other outdoor activities that help athletes work many different parts of the body not normally used in soccer.

One of the hardest things for athletes to do is to get back into match shape, so maintain a steady fitness level by getting out a few times a week. We promise there will be plenty of time to catch up with friends (and sleep haha) but keeping your fitness and soccer skills up is what will set your athlete apart from the players that regressed over the summer.

Be sure to set yourself apart from the competition and not to fall victim to the Summer slump.

**For questions about training plans, supplemental training options, and more, contact us at to learn more about what Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©) can do for your athlete!**

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