Why You SHOULD Be Playing Futsal This Winter!

FUTSAL. That term has become somewhat of a hot topic in the soccer community recently. Many programs and facilities promote futsal as a great way to develop in the off-season. But what are the pros and cons of playing futsal? What exactly qualifies as "futsal" and why should you (and your teammates) be playing futsal this winter versus traditional American "indoor soccer"? More importantly, why is futsal considered a better development option for players? SO WHAT IS FUTSAL?

Futsal is a version of soccer played in many different countries across the globe. The sport is played on hard surfaces with smaller soccer ball specifically designed to have a low bounce. Futsal games are 5v5 with one player designated the golerio (or basically a goalkeeper/field player hybrid). There are no walls and the game is speed is very quick due to the surface played on (usually hard court or tile).

Check out this quick example of what the game of futsal requires:


Futsal rewards the quick, creative and intelligent athletes. To succeed in futsal, players must be able to control the ball in very tight spaces while creatively solving tactical aspects of the game. Listed below are some of the benefits of futsal that players will experience: