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The Next Stage of Soccer Development: QTSD© Training in 2020

Since day one, we have always been pushing our athletes to keep testing their limits of training while keeping in mind the bigger picture of their soccer journey. Our QTSD© Coaching Team and owners are no different and we're excited to announce the next step in the QTSD© Training experience!

Over the past decade, we’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with 1,000+ athletes and teams; from almost every single club and high school team in Central Ohio and Dayton. It has been a great opportunity to help players recognize their skill and further develop their confidence; both on and off the soccer field.

As the soccer landscape continues to change; both youth and professional, we as coaches have the personal responsibility to continue to learn and educate ourselves as well. We must evaluate and improve our training programs and methods continually to better help our athletes.


For the past seven years, Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©) has been known for our professionally coached and highly detailed private training. It has been a reputation that we have been very proud of. But important questions arise:

  • Is 1-on-1 training the absolute best education format for soccer players?

  • How do we re-create game like scenarios where players can apply the skills learned in their private training?

  • What about teaching small-sided technique AND tactics?

  • Can we create a training system that addresses every aspect athletes need coaching in; individually, in small groups, AND in team format?

  • What about creating an environment where players can compete and train with like minded athletes from OTHER clubs and high schools to better their development?

Those questions have been bothering us for the better part of last year as a soccer educators. So we decided to start researching some of the best soccer academies in world and how they help their athletes continuously develop every aspect of their game. After researching some of the top academies in Spain, the Netherlands, and others, we now have a game plan on creating an even better training environment for YOUR athlete WHILE keeping training costs affordable for everyone.


Starting next month, we will start trial running a NEW program that if successful will become the foundation of QTSD© Soccer Training - The QTSD© Soccer Academy. February will be our “beta test” with the program fully starting in mid-March.

The QTSD© Soccer Academy will become a fully developed training program offered year-round to athletes of all ages. The program will offer weekly group training with packages that include complementary private training options as well. We will continue to offer private training and soccer camps as single purchase options BUT the QTSD© Soccer Academy will become our flagship program as the most complete training program available to athletes in Columbus, Ohio. The QTSD© Soccer Academy will aim to bring players together from every club and high school team for professional level training. Our goal is not only to focus on the technical development we are known for BUT to additionally offer further tactical, physical, and psychological development options for athletes.

This program will be a multi-year project; growing and adapting to our athletes’ and teams’ needs BUT we are excited to start the next step in our QTSD© Soccer Development … all for YOUR soccer player and teams!

More details to come shortly!

Yours in soccer,

Coach Joe (and the QTSD© Coaching Team)



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