Imagine your player with more confidence.



QTSD© can help.  Professionally educated and highly experienced coaches.  Proven soccer curriculum.  Challenging and innovative practice sessions.  All helping your soccer player to become a quicker, more creative, and more confident athlete than you ever imagined.



Private Training


45 minute virtual session

Customized training schedule


Customized training program


Professionally licensed QTSD© Coaching Team


Athlete ages 9 thru 22+ 


Professionally developed QTSD© curriculum


Flexible dates & times

Partner & Small Group available


QTSD© Soccer Academy


45 minute virtual session

Weekly sessions (1-2x)

Higher level training

Professionally licensed QTSD© Coaching Team

Athlete ages 9 thru 22+

Professionally developed QTSD© Academy curriculum

Consistent days & times


 MAX of 10 athletes per session 

Access to sports psychology, sports performance, and nutrition education

QTSD© Coach Accountability Call/Video Chat availability 

(a la carte)

QTSD© Training Tracking Journal


Futbol Técnic© Session


45 minute virtual session

Weekly sessions (1-2x per week)


Intermediate and Advanced Training


Professionally licensed QTSD© Coaching Team


Athlete ages 9 thru 22+

Professionally developed QTSD© curriculum

Consistent days & times

Professionally educated.  Highly experienced &  passionate.



We aim to change lives through the sport of soccer; both on and off the field.  Our highly requested coaching team will customize your training to reach you where you are AND where you want to reach.  Your potential is only as high as you can imagine.  



Joe Pennell

Coach Training Availability (Digital) 



Flexible to fit your schedule.

Virtual training where and when you want.

Same high quality QTSD© soccer training we're known for.


QTSD© Founder & Director of Player Development

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We have answers.  Our QTSD© "Digital Training Initiative" FAQ are questions players like you have asked.  If your question isn't here, shoot us a message.  We'll answer you and add to the FAQ quicker than your dribbling on the soccer field.



Quick Touch Soccer Development (QTSD©) focuses on developing QUICK, CREATIVE, and CONFIDENT players and teams through proven modern coaching methods.  We offer a competitive training environment that helps develop athletes into leaders; both on and off the soccer field.

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